Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do: The Way of the Intercepting Fist

  • Elite Combat Systems is the only certified Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Eskrima Academy in the Stillwater area.

  • JKD is the art created by the legendary Bruce Lee, who is considered to be the father of mixed martial arts.

  • Translates to “Way of the Intercepting Fist”, JKD teaches efficiency, directness, and simplicity to achieve economy of motion, wasting no time or movement, teaching that the simplest things work best.

  • Sifu LaDell Elliott is a second generational student of JKD under Sifu Dan Inosanto. Sifu Elliott is proud to represent the Inosanto International Instructor’s Association and is an Associate Instructor Level One.

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